Bienala Internationala de Acuarela Belgrad 2016


During the last 19 years of the work of Gallery , a circle of reputable artists and circle or true

watercolor painting admirers were created under its aegis, all together connected with experience

of the beauty of subtle artistry. As a sign of cultivation of that collectiveness and of development

of inclination towards this basic painting technique, Gallery would like, beginning

from 2010, to start organization of International Watercolor Biennale. Fully aware of significance

and importance of realization of such manifestation, we were determined by knowledge

that there are no big and small galleries, and that is not important where they are, but that there

is, most of all, something which is happening and creating in them. With feelings of honor and

gratitude, we rely on your help and understanding.

We managed with great help of artist to organize First International Watercolor Biennale 2010

which gathered and presented 56 artists from 16 countries, on the Second one participated 97

artists from 22 countries, while on the Third one participated 97 artists from 25 countries. And

for the Fourth International Watercolor Biennale remains the same rule – artists give up of sent

works. Absences of Government assistance as well as huge financial costs for organization of

such manifestation (catalogs, money for awards etc) are preventing us of changing that. Continuation

of this project and rising of Biennale quality depend only on you and us.

On behalf of Gallery

Owner: Pedja Acimovic

Art Historian: Dragomir Todorovic



Article 1

Organizer of Fourth international watercolor Biennale is Watercolor Gallery

Article 2

Official languages of Biennale are Serbian (Cyrillic script) and English.

Article 3

Official opening of exhibition is foreseen for 15th of May 2016 in Watercolor Gallery Pecinacka 40, 11237 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Europe.

Article 4

Exhibition will be lasting for two months, and during that period will be presented in other galleries and towns.

Article 5

Competition is open for all artists who agree with participation rules. Artists are absolutely free in themes selection. Only original works made during the last two years will be accepted for exhibition. Artists can compete with two works the most.

Article 6

Watercolor dimensions can be 30x20cm, 30x30cm or 30x40cm

(height has to be 30cm).

Article 7

Works have to be signed and unframed with fulfilled form with details about work and artist in attachment.

Article 8

Applications for the competition are to be submitted on the form which can be obtained from organizer, or trough the email if required from email addresse, or can be downloaded from web site Organizer will accept photocopied application forms too.

Article 9

Form and specimen are to be fulfilled clearly, in capital letters, with all required details. Details will be used for Biennale catalogue. It is obligatory to send a personal photo/portrait by email.

Article 10

Contacts with artists will be made by phone numbers 00.381.11.848.0088, 00.381.65.848.0088 or by email addresse

Article 11

Application for Fourth International Watercolor Biennial it will be carried out in two phases. In a first phase-applicant has to send photos of watercolors and short biography by email, up to 31.12.2015. Second phase-artists chosen by selection commission are going to be informed about participation on Fourth Internatiional Watercolor Biennialthe latest until 15th of January 2016

Article 12

Works, form and specimen are to be delivered the latest until 15th of February 2016 personally or mailed on address

Galerija A Pedja Acimovic

Pecinacka 40, 11273 Beograd

Republika Srbija

Article 13

Biennale prize money fund amounts 2000 Euros.

First prize of expert jury amounts 1000 Euros.

Second prize of expert jury amounts 500 Euros.

Third price of expert jury amounts 300 Euros.

Prize of audience amounts 500 Euros.

Article 14

Awarded artists have possibility to have individual exhibition in Gallery during the next year.

Article 15

Decisions about prizes will be made by expert jury.

Article 16

Organizer will publish a catalogue accompanied by CD with one reproduction of work of every artist. Authors are giving up their rights for money compensations for reproductions of their works in catalogue, as well as for advertising of exhibition in largest sense. Every exhibitioner will get catalogue for free.

Article 17

Participants are not paying participation fees. Instead, all selected works remain in ownership of organizer and will be published on web site

Article 18

By signing down a form, author agrees with all conditions listed by Statutes of Fourth International Watercolor Biennale.

Gallery Art Council